picoCTF: crackme-py

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Info #

Problem link - picoCTF: crackme-py

Solution #

A python code is provided in the challenge. The secret is in encrypted form present in the code itself.

bezos_cc_secret = "A:[email protected]%uL`M-^M0c0AbcM-MFE02fh3e4a5N"

Other than that, there are two functions decode_secret and choose_greatest. But, only choose_greatest is called.

The decode_secret expects one secret argument which can decode the secret into plaintext. we have the function as well as the encrypted aka secret text. Let’s pass it to the function and see what happens.

Add this at the end of the crackme.py file -


And run the file using python to print out the flag -

python crackme.py

Flag #

Here is the flag -