picoCTF: Static ain't always noise

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Info #

Problem link - picoCTF: Static ain’t always noise

Solution #

Two files are given -

ltdis.sh    # Shell script
static      # Executable

Let’s try to run the executable(static) first. Here is the output -

Oh hai! Wait what? A flag? Yes, it's around here somewhere!

So, where is the flag???

Let’s run the shell script. This shell script expects one executable as an argument. (look inside the file to know that)

sh ltdis.sh static

Running the above command will generate two other files -


If you go through the files and look for the flags, you can spot it. Another way to find the flag is to use grep tool.

cat static.ltdis.strings.txt static.ltdis.x86_64.txt | grep pico

Flag #

Here is the flag -